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Sleeping™ Waterproof PE sleeping bag

Sleeping™ Waterproof PE sleeping bag

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An unexpected night in the wilderness may be rare, but it's something to be prepared for. Fortunately, there are many options that can help you cope with a desperate situation.


However, not all sleeping bags are suitable for all situations. The climate where you are is an important factor in choosing what you should have.


Sleeping™ is a must-have for adventurers, travelers or explorers who want to stay safe and comfortable in the outdoors. It works as an emergency blanket, survival shelter, camping tent bed and more to keep you warm in an emergency.


Sleeping™  features a 120 decibel survival whistle, available in 2 colors, a bright orange color that makes it more visible to rescuers and a military green that lets you split in the wild


Tame the elements with the Sleeping™ 

Sleeping™ offers total protection from rain, wind and snow to keep you safe, dry and warm wherever you are.

 Portable PE Survival Sleeping Bag Outdoor Thermal Keep Warm Waterproof  Camouflage Emergency Blanket Camping Sun Protection | Wish

With its waterproof design, it protects against the elements, keeps ice and water out and retains 90% of body heat inside the bag, making it a must-have in every adventurer's survival kit.


Don't worry about the portability of the Sleeping™ .

When we say that Sleeping™  is compact, we really mean it. It can easily fit in the palm of your hands while its ultra-light weight allows you to take it with you on any adventure.

 product_image_name-Generic-Outdoor Emergency Sleeping Bag Polyethylene Camping Surviv-5

Whether you're heading out into the woods, stuck in a car with layers of snow on top or just need a safe and comfortable sleeping bag, you can count on Sleeping™  .



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