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Peelersteel™ Peeler Fruit And Vegetable Peeler

Peelersteel™ Peeler Fruit And Vegetable Peeler

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Peelersteel™ Easy Way to Peel Fruits and Vegetables


Keep food looking and tasting like nature intended with this alternative to metal vegetable peelers. The ultrapure material glides through any food without effort thanks to the incredibly sharp edge and non-stick surface.


This amazingly sharp Peelersteel™ and durable material is not the same stuff your plates are made from. It's a more advanced version known as zirconium oxide. After undergoing a special process, and being pressed under high heat, you end up with a pure white material that is harder than steel, and nearly as hard as diam

Instead of reacting with acids and other substances to change the flavor, alter the appearance or give veggies a funny smell, this one just takes the skin off and leaves everything else unaltered. Your fruits won't brown as quickly, and you won't wonder where that odd metal taste came from.



Offre Spéciale lame en céramique éplucheur de pommes de terre, légumes Fruits Éplucheur En Céramique Avec Poignée En Plastique (001)

 An ergonomic handle combines slip-resistant material and a comfort grip coating to make a tool that is easy to handle. Perfect balance ensures easy usage and zero strains.


Offre Spéciale Lame En Céramique Éplucheur De Pommes De Terre,Légumes  Fruits Éplucheur En Céramique Avec Poignée En Plastique (001) - Buy Lame En Céramique  Éplucheur De Pommes De Terre,Légumes Fruits Éplucheur En

Compared with stainless steel knives, the ceramic one is better for our safety and health. And because of the material, it is more lightweight, very suitable for novices and women, and will not make your wrist feel too heavy, and cause soreness.


Versatile :


Use for fruits or vegetables. Ideal for food with relatively flat surfaces like carrots and cucumbers, but the pivoting blade easily adapts to all others.


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