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BestSurvival ™ Survival Tactical

BestSurvival ™ Survival Tactical

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Studies have shown that most deaths from accidents are due to excessive bleeding or hemorrhaging. This is because hand pressure and bandaging can only stop superficial bleeding.



When the bleeding comes from the main artery, the victim loses too much blood in a very short time and may die before the ambulance arrives. That's why you need an effective kit to stop severe bleeding from the main artery: BestSurvival ™


You're never safe! BestSurvival ™ is your savior


BestSurvival ™ is extremely reliable and lightweight. The anodized aluminum hoist and retention clip provide incredible strength, durability and reliability, and the serrated surface of the hoist provides a secure grip to minimize slippage during application.


The 3cm strap allows for even application of pressure for effective results, and with such a wide strap, the usual discomfort that patients often experience when using the Tourniquet™ is reduced due to its application, which better distributes pressure over the injured area

Benefits of the BestSurvival ™

You can use BestSurvival ™ on an amputated limb when there is an increased risk of bleeding. Amputations can be caused by explosions, car accidents or other trauma.


The Truth About Tourniquets


BestSurvival ™ reduces the risk of hypovolemic shock, a condition that occurs when you lose more than 20% of your blood. 

BestSurvival ™ can be used as a first response treatment when there are mass casualties, such as during terrorist attacks or industrial accidents.


The Truth About Tourniquets


It quickly stops or slows bleeding in people with severe limb injuries. This gives first responders more time to treat critical cases, secure the airway or perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).


Excellent alternative to applying direct pressure.


BestSurvival ™ can be applied to prevent bleeding on an affected limb when you can't reach it to apply direct pressure.

It may be the only method to control bleeding. It is very useful when a person is trapped under a rock with a severely injured limb and is unable to get out.



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