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ZodiacNecklace | Zodiac pendant | Astrology

ZodiacNecklace | Zodiac pendant | Astrology


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Choosing a piece of jewelry is always very personal , especially when it is something that has meaning .

The ZodiacNecklace says a lot about you, but without saying a word!

Celebrate your ZodiacNecklace star sign.

A celestial wonder, the ZodiacNecklace are inspired by cosmic astrology and the starry sky . Featuring a unique cutout design that relates to each of the zodiacs , ZodiacNecklace are available in a range of chain lengths , meaning you can layer ZodiacNecklace with other jewelry you might have to create to achieve your own look unique.

The ZodiacNecklace are in polished rose gold, copper color . Copper is an ancient base metal that has many health and energy benefits . It's the perfect durable metal to create synergy with your star sign.

The design of the ZodiacNecklace sits perfectly on the chest , centering your style and your aura.

Connect to the eternal essence with ZodiacNecklace that will delight you every time you wear it.

The Noble Zodiac Necklace Collection

ZodiacNecklace always reminds you to connect to that spirit deep within and tune into the stars .

Did you know that your astrological sign , the popular sign that people learn from their date of birth, is not the only sign associated with your birth ?

The Noble Zodiac Necklace Collection

You also have an ascendant sign and others that have their own influence on your personality ! By discovering your other signs, you will learn even more about your deeper motivations and what could help you on your life's journey .

A perfect gift for a friend, loved one or maybe just to treat yourself!

The Noble Zodiac Necklace Collection

What does your ZodiacNecklace mean?

Each zodiac sign is represented by a constellation , and this is part of what makes each symbol unique . Each type of sign has something different to say.

There are three fire signs in the Zodiac: They are Aries , energetic, always ready to take on and conquer challenges; Leo , generous and expressive, who tends to be very creative; and Sagittarius , which always seems to grow and expand as life progresses.

The Noble Zodiac Necklace Collection

These zodiac signs are best known for their enthusiasm , courage , and ability to attract attention. Fire signs are often innovators and leaders .

Cancer , Scorpio and Pisces are zodiac signs ruled by water. Often flexible, nurturing and loving, they tend to enjoy the company of others.

Water signs are well known for their open-mindedness , thoughtful approach to life, and gentle , expressive soul.

Practical pragmatism defines Taurus , Virgo and Capricorn . People who are born under Earth signs tend to be strong, tough and very determined.

They have a reputation for being hard workers and tend to strive for perfection in all things.

Gemini , Libra and Aquarius are ruled by the element Air. Known for their clarity and directness as well as their ability to embrace new ideas, these signs are often great talkers.
Their tendency toward social awareness and balance makes them very popular with others.

Our quick zodiac guide beautifully reflects the meaning of each ZodiacNecklace .
If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that suits you and speaks about you without revealing personal details , ZodiacNecklace are the ideal solution. Plus, they're stunning for layering or wearing alone, with sparkling diamonds to represent your personal stars!

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