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PurenLatex | Orthopedic cushion | Well-being

PurenLatex | Orthopedic cushion | Well-being


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When you get up from your desk at the end of a long day, do you find yourself grimacing and rubbing your tailbone ?
Do you dread long meetings and a painful office chair?
Do you have to get up and walk around the office to relieve some of your tailbone pain ?

If this all sounds familiar, PurenLatex will change your life!

But first, are you really aware of the impact that back pain could have on your daily life?
We all experience temporary back pain from time to time when we sleep in a bad position or lift something very heavy.
But long-term back pain can have a serious impact on almost every aspect of our lives .
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When your back is in constant pain , it can be difficult to go out and carry out your usual activities .
You may begin to distance yourself from family and friends and isolate yourself, trying to escape the pain .
And over time, this can lead to anxiety and depression , and harm your social life.

coccyx support cushion
You must now think about adopting a good posture

We've all been told to sit up straight , but did you know that your posture can have a huge impact on the health of your back?

Our backs have natural curves and alignments that need to be preserved. Unfortunately, when you have poor posture, you put pressure on the bones and muscles in your back.

Slouching, sagging, or hunching pulls the back out of its natural, healthy curvature . Your back may start to hurt, and you may find yourself slouching even more to accommodate it .
Your muscles weaken, and over time, if you don't correct your posture , it can become difficult and painful to realign your back to its correct position.

back support cushion for back pain

How PurenLatex can help you relieve your tailbone and correct your posture?

Using PurenLatex helps you maintain better posture with almost no effort.
The alignment of your hips plays a huge role in the position your back sits in . Tilting your hips forward a little can encourage your back to take a more natural curvature .
seat cushion for back pain
If your tailbone is inflamed or painful , sitting on a normal cushion will only increase the pressure on it . It won't have time to heal , and you risk compensating for this pain with poor posture .
PurenLatex will not only give your tailbone time to properly heal , but it also prevents further injury by removing pressure at the base of your spine .

It is very important to correctly place PurenLatex

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It is important to use PurenLatex correctly in order to benefit from all its ergonomic advantages . First of all, you should never use PurenLatex at the same time as another cushion, this can unbalance it.

Place PurenLatex directly on the seat, withdrawing if possible the others cushions which may be found there.

It is best, if possible, to use PurenLatex in a armchair offering a good back support . If you have to sit on a couch or a soft chair , try placing a weight heavy, like a big flat book , under PurenLatex before you sit down.

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How to use PurenLatex at work?

Most of your waking hours will be spent working , so it's no surprise that you should use PurenLatex in this location. If possible, install an office chair at your desk that offers good back support , and especially good lumbar support .

Of course, you should have PurenLatex at your desk. But if you have to have meetings that last more than an hour or two in another location, it's good to bring PurenLatex with you. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you will also be seated higher during the meeting. Giving a boost to your self-confidence will never be too much !

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How to use PurenLatex at home?

Most of us spend the rest of our waking hours at home, especially since the pandemic began . So you must also have PurenLatex at home . Your couch may be surprisingly soft, but it probably won't do you any favors , especially if you're trying to recover from a tailbone injury.

Get a chair that provides good back support and a sturdy base on which you can place PurenLatex . Bring PurenLatex whenever you sit for several minutes at home.
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How to use PurenLatex in the car?

You may be surprised to learn that you should also use PurenLatex in your car . This is especially important if you have a long journey ahead . Your car seat isn't necessarily designed for maximum ergonomic comfort, and standard seats do nothing to alleviate pressure on your tailbone.

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If possible, adjust the angle of your seat so that you don't sit too far back on a reclined seat . Adjust your backrest so that you are sitting upright when sitting on PurenLatex .
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Remember that PurenLatex will give you a little extra height, so you may need to move your seat closer to the steering wheel or adjust the seat height to get back into a correct driving position.

Benefits of PurenLatex

PurenLatex can be an amazing tool for keeping your back properly aligned . You can use it at home, at work, in the car and anywhere you plan to sit for hours.
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