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FeetPillow™ | Leg Relief | Well-being

FeetPillow™ | Leg Relief | Well-being


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Standing or sitting all day can put pressure on the legs , feet and back , leading to inflammation , poor circulation and pain.


FeetPillow™ provides perfect leg elevation ,

Quickly relieve pressure, promote positive blood flow , reduce swelling and pain immediately!

FeetPillow™ is no ordinary inflatable cushion!

Prolonged running , sitting and standing exert pressure and gravity pulls the body down .
This causes symptoms of tired legs , back pain and poor circulation , as blood struggles to flow back through the body to the heart and brain .
The weight of a tired body placed solely on the feet and legs can cause immense health problems if left untreated.
Dangerous blood clots can occur, as well as painful back problems and circulatory problems leading to swelling in the feet and legs .


By placing the legs and knees in an elevated position on the FeetPillow ™, the body will have time to rest and allow blood to circulate throughout the body to give rest to the lower half .

Sleeping with your legs elevated on the FeetPillow ™ allows the body to literally unload to regenerate by pumping venous blood back to the heart .
When blood circulates, the body feels more relaxed and peaceful, healthy sleep can occur.

FeetPillow™ is designed to provide you with optimal comfort and benefit!

The FeetPillow™ provides the perfect elevation! Simply lie down and relax to feel the relief that the FeetPillow™ gives you, the pain will begin to dissipate and you will be able to resume your daily activity without problems again.
FeetPillow™ adapts perfectly to the shape of your legs!
This is the best way to relieve back pain on the floor and be able to elevate your legs in bed so you can get a good night's rest.

FeetPillow™ is a lightweight, comfortable and convenient pillow that inflates in seconds and has you relaxing in no time.
It's soft, comfortable and gives you the support you need whether it's taking a nap or supporting your injured leg , foot or ankle.

The benefits of FeetPillow™

Better blood circulation

This may sound strange, but you need to elevate your legs to get better blood circulation to your legs and feet .

By placing the legs and feet on the FeetPillow™, in a position above the level of the heart , you help gravity to push the blood from the lower half towards the heart .
Reduce chronic back pain and sciatica symptoms

The sciatic nerve , the longest in the body, can cause severe pain when inflamed, the sciatic nerve is irritated by compression or inflammation and it can cause lower back pain, leg pain and even numbness in the legs and feet .
By placing the legs on the FeetPillow™ , you reduce compression on the sciatic nerve.

The FeetPillow™ reduces edema in the legs and feet

There are several reasons why one may experience the effects of leg edema caused by the accumulation of extra fluid .

Symptoms of stretched, shiny skin can be due to prolonged standing up to congestive heart failure.

The FeetPillow™ reduces the risk of swollen feet and leg pain

When the legs are elevated on the FeetPillow™ , it allows better flow to the heart and the rest of the body, relieves the pain of tired legs and reduces the risk of swelling of the feet due to pressure exerted.
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